But then in force business relationship, provided by the State salary, not salary, was different than it is now – explains Professor.

In addition to the pensions of teachers, which is granted regardless of age (based on pragmatics governing their professional status), early retirement due to employment of a special nature or bridging pension you may also qualify for teaching compensatory measures. The right to acquire it, those who in addition to fulfilling other legal requirements have solved the employment relationship in the educational institution of their own product inicjatywy.Polecany: Labor Law 2016 >>> This condition proved to be a problem for persons employed under employment contracts for a specified period. The Social Insurance Institution considered that, in case the agreement solved with the passage of time for which it was concluded, we had to deal with it expires, and so followed the termination of employment without the required activity and initiative of the teacher. This view was represented as part of lawyers. Proponents of the opposite concept claimed, however, that now that the employment contract concluded between the teacher and the educational institution is established the deadline, a declaration of intent the parties in the complex can be considered as a variant of an agreement settling this contract, or simply argued that such the employment relationship is terminated by the will of the parties, which shall determine in advance the event that it solves.

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